cami de ronda costa brava

Good weather accompanies and that is something undoubted, for this reason today we want to recommend one of the most popular and well-known routes on the Costa Brava, the Camí de Ronda.

This route is based on a walking tour, which continues the old Camí de Ronda, along the shores of the Costa Brava coastline. The reason why this route must be done walking is because the paths, where it must be circulated, are quite narrow and there are continuous slopes, ascents and descents. Although on some occasions we will also find flatter sections.

The route is divided into different packs according to the kilometers that are made, the days on which this expedition is going to be carried out and the difficulty. On the other hand, you can also choose between the linear walkway, which is based on a route of 43 kilometers that goes from Sant Feliu de Guixols to Begur. Or the section of the circular walkway, which is 140 kilometers long and begins and ends in Gerona.

As regards accommodation, the organization gives the possibility to choose between different typologies and categories. The options are several, you can choose between hotels, inns, hostels and even rural houses or one of our villas. Although each one is different in itself, all the alternatives have been validated and meet the minimum requirements to adapt to each of the people who carry out this expedition. That breakfast is served first thing in the morning or that all the utensils you need can be cleaned and stored are some of the aspects that are taken into consideration.

In addition, if you decide to embark on this hectic adventure, those responsible recommend contracting an insurance that covers the days of the crossing capable of covering, in the case that you do not have one.

Don’t miss an opportunity like this to discover the Costa Brava, you can also choose one of our villas to stay during this trip.