romantic getaway costa brava

Looking for an ideal destination for a trip as a couple? A romantic getaway to the Costa Brava will be your perfect destination. It is a magical area, with infinite possibilities to stay and where you will have thousands of plans to make as a couple.

Plans during all the day or night, beaches, walks, markets are the most characteristic of the Costa Brava. Today we propose you 5 plans to make as a couple in your romantic getaway to the Costa Brava.

5 plans to make as a couple on the Costa Brava

Today, we want to propose you these 5 plans for your romantic weekend that you can make during your stay on the Costa Brava and where they will make your getaway something unforgettable.

  1. Maritime district of Port Bo in Calella de Palafrugell

Maritime borough of Calella de Palafrugell known for its white houses and narrow streets to get lost. This population is, without doubt, one of the best plans to make as a couple, as it is a maritime population of few inhabitants has real special corners, such as the Botanical Garden of Cap Roig known for its music festival.

  1. Lighthouse of San Sebastián

The San Sebastian Lighthouse located on the Cape of San Sebastian, between Llafranc and Tamariu, is one of the most romantic places on the Costa Brava. It was built in 1857 and has a height of 165 meters. It is the most important lighthouse in the Golf of León and one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea. See how the sun hides on the horizon with the company of your partner is a privilege within reach of not many people, since the place where this jewel is located, will leave you speechless.

  1. Cala Bramant

Also known as Cala de los Enamorados, it is a cove of the Costa Brava little known and shaped like a bathtub. Surrounded by cliffs and located in Llançà, this cove has been witness to numerous requests of hand. The romantic atmosphere that is breathed and the tranquility will make of your moment, the most special of the romantic getaway in the Costa Brava.

  1. Pals, a medieval village

Pals is a town where you can still breathe medieval air, as its heritage has been preserved over the years. Also known for its rice fields, its virgin beach and its historic center, Pals is a must stop on your romantic weekend.

If you go in the middle of August, you can not miss the “Nit d’Espelmes”, the magic night of Pals, where all the lights go out to light candles and create a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Way of Ronda S’Agaró

If your partner and you are more than taking quiet walks accompanied by the sound of the sea, you can not miss a walk along the path of Ronda de S’Agaró. At its viewpoint, located in Punta de Pau, is an essential place to take photos and where perhaps, ask your partner’s hand.


These are the 5 essential plans that we propose, although the most important thing will be you and your partner.

Do not miss the best beaches of the Costa Brava to lose you as a couple.