All booking applications should be made on the form provided, after first reading carefully these terms and conditions.  The prices quoted reflect the content of these terms and conditions.  To confirm the reservation a payment equivalent to 35% of the total amount must accompany your completed booking form and the balance must have been received no later than 8 weeks before the rental period starts.  For arrivals within 8 weeks of the booking date, 100% of the total amount is required.


The payment of the balance of the rental charge is to be made 8 weeks before your rental starts at the latest. If payment of the final balance is not forthcoming by the due date, we reserve the right to re-let the property.


The rental period commences on  #arrivalDate# at  #arrivalTime# and ceases on  #departureDate# on #departureTime#. For the purposes of rental charges this is deemed to be a one weeks hire.  Unless otherwise agreed, rental periods shall be a minimum of 1 week duration or multiples thereof, and tenants arriving late or departing early shall not qualify for any refund of the hire charge. The property must be vacated by the end of the rental period.


This waiver covers for damage to the property to a maximum of 500€. You do not have to pay any security deposit upon arrival. You will be held liable for damage to the property or its contents above 500€ for which we shall require reimbursement.  The cost for replacement keys and locks are not covered by this damage fund.
If you do not wish to make use of this waiver, you must pay the 500€ security deposit with your last rental payment. If no damage to the property or its contents has occurred, the security deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer within 2 weeks after your stay.


The property is fully equipped to ensure that everything is to hand to make your stay enjoyable.


The rental price are based inclusive bed linen (sheets/pillow slips) and towels.  Bed linen and towels should be taken off the beds and gathered on the day of departure.


The property is cleaned on the day of arrival. Cleaning at the end of the hire period is also included in the rental price. We maintain a high standard of cleanliness in our properties, and at the end of the hire period it is the sole responsibility of the tenant to leave the property in a proper state (garbage cleared, dishwasher switched on, fridge cleared, BBQ cleaned); the rental charges reflect this expectation. Any costs incurred in respect of additional cleaning necessary will be charged.


Any comments or remarks about the property, inventory, cleaning etc. must be made by email to info@coastalvillas.com or SMS to +34 672 010 000 within 1 day of arrival at the latest.
We aim to solve any technical problem you may encounter during your stay within 1 day (Sundays excluded).  No refund will be considered for any problem solved within 1 day of receipt nor any complaints that have not been notified locally.


The property shall not be sub/let, nor shall the occupancy exceed or differ from the list of persons stated on the booking application.  We operate a no-smoking policy in the property, although visitors may smoke on the balconies. For the convenience of all visitors, no domestic animals are allowed unless agreed otherwise with Coastalvillas prior to the start of the rental period. Commercial or part-commercial use of the property by the tenant is not permitted. No photography or video recording is permitted, other than for strictly private, NON-commercial use.
Between the hours of 11pm and 9am tenants are required to respect  the neighbors peace. If you cause extreme noise your behavior may be notified to the police who practice ‘zero tolerance’ . You can be expelled from the property in which case no refund of the rental sum can be claimed.


No equipment, apparatus, meter or appliance in the property may be improperly used, tampered with or damaged.  All damage or injury resulting from such usage shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant.


Cleaning and maintenance of the pool is done on a weekly basis unless reduced water quality requires additional maintenance. The need for repairs means that continuous availability cannot be guaranteed between 1st October and 30th April.


Catalan government requires all visitors over the age of 16 to pay a tourist tax of 6,30€ (rate 2017) per person per stay.  The total tourist tax amount is reflected in the rental contract and must be paid to the agency.


Only acceptance of a down payment of 35% of the total rental price can be regarded as a booking. In the event of the required period not being available we will remit any deposit sent to us within 14 days of receipt.


Should a tenant find it necessary to cancel a booking before the rental period commences, they should notify us immediately in writing, and any cancellation will be subject to the following terms:
A) 60+ days notice before arrival date: 35% loss of total rental sum.    B) 60 to 30 days notice before arrival date : 100% loss of total rental sum.
You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance at the time you make your booking in order to protect yourself should it become necessary for you to cancel your holiday.


Coastalvillas reserves the right to substitute the reserved accommodation for another with simiiar characteristics in case of serious, unforeseen problems.
In the event of force maheure (war, flood, power failures, fire in the reserved property etc) Coastalvillas may cancel the contract refunding any payments made by the client.


The property owners and their representatives shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury to the tenant or any members of the tenants’ party due to any cause whatsoever, nor for any loss or damage to personal goods or property during the period of hire of the villa stated on the rental contract.
The properties are located in an exclusive but popular area where repairs or construction may be taking place in the immediate area. Unless stated explicitly in the rental contract we are not aware of heavy construction or building taking place near the rented villa. The property owner nor their representatives can be held responsible for any other off-site building work taking place, and no redress will be considered.


Tenant confirms to have read the rental conditions of ‘Coastalvillas’, which are part of this agreement and agrees to abide by these.  These rental conditions are also available on our website  www.coastalvillas.com


We are not liable for loss, theft, damage or injury to tenants through whichever cause.