mindfulness costa brava

Mindfulness is a meditation technique based on full attention. For all ages, mindfulness is ideal to practice anywhere to disconnect the mind. A great place to practice it is, without doubt, the Costa Brava.

Also known as the art of controlling your mind, it consists of knowing oneself better in order to be fully aware and aware of feelings, emotions and thoughts that run through our mind. In mindfulness technique, thoughts are not judged, they are simply allowed to flow. The purpose of mindfulness is to understand the functioning of our mind and avoid stress, anxiety and be happier in our day to day.

If it is true that mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, but it is preferable to do it in a quiet place, away from the busy sound of the city, where you can breathe fresh air.

The perfect place to practice mindfulness is the Costa Brava. A quiet place, full of vitality, breathing the breeze of the Mediterranean and away from the big cities. Imagine getting up in the morning and going for a walk along the promenade or even if you are brave and not at all chilly, by the seashore. Sit on the beach, take a deep breath and concentrate for a few moments on everything around you, becoming aware and not judging your thoughts. All this while the only music you will hear will be the melody of the Mediterranean Sea bathing the Costa Brava.

In Coastal Villas we have quiet homes, where also relax will be possible. Our houses and surroundings will be the perfect conjugation for a few days of disconnection.

Are you already starting to organize your getaway to practice mindfulness on the Costa Brava? Surely among our spectacular luxury homes you will find the ideal one for you.

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