Proposals Costa brava 2020

2020 is coming, a new year full of purposes and desires. From Coastal Villas we propose several sites on the Costa Brava… … Read More

Christmas markets

Christmas on the Costa Brava

A few days before the arriving of December and with the Christmas holidays around the corner, from Coastal Villas we want to explain to you why the Costa Brava is one of the best places of the peninsula to come … Read More


Charming villages near coastal villas

Then we are going to show you 5 of the villages that best represent the character of this magnificent area of Catalonia. … Read More

Charming places

Charming places to visit near the villas

Beyond the wonderful coves, we will show you a list of charming places that usually make all the people who visit that places fall in love with them.   … Read More

Book your next holidays in the Costa Brava

Book your next holidays in the Costa Brava

The end of summer is coming. This amazing time in which the days are eternal and the nights even more. … Read More

hidden coves costa brava

Discover hidden coves in Costa Brava

It is well known that the Costa Brava is an incredible place to spend…
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