mejores piscinas naturales

The best natural pools

Imagine that you have your holiday house in Costa Brava for pass to unique and unforgettable summer. Do you know what you want to see first? A great plan could be visit natural pools that Costa Brava have. Today we will talk about the most spectacular pools for enjoy with your couple, friends or family. Some of them are more hidden than others and to be able to enjoy them you need to walk a little bit. But walk and enjoy the good weather is a great idea for the summer.

Pool Es Cau

The pool Es Cau is one of the most famous in the Costa Brava. One of the natural polls in Begur that have importance. Its water is salty since it comes from the sea that is right next to it. In spite of its an artificial pool, their attractive is deserving to see. You won’t want to miss the lovely views from there.

Gorg Blau

It’s a natural pool that you can find in the term of San Aniol D’Agulla, in the region of the Garrotxa. It’s situate in an ideal place for enjoy a complete day with a good company. The beauty of the site and its water, let us a beauty landscape that we won’t want to leave. Stay a day in a mountain and nature never been so easy.

The 7 Gorgs

A very famous place of the Costa Brava, “The Gorgs of Torrent de la Cabana”, they are an obligatory stop. They are ideals for spend an adventure day. Consist in seven waterfalls and natural pools for discover. Even though they are quite separated from each other, they are amazing for enjoy a good day walking and relaxing. For visit there you only need to move to Campdevànol, so close of Ripoll.

Gorg of the Mill of the Murris

This natural pool is so close of the locality of “Les Planes D’Hostoles”, in the “Baja Garrotxa” region. We are talking about a natural pool that it looks like something from a fantasy book. A special landscape, that it looks like a postal. See how the water falls for the plants that involve the lake, and swim in its crystal clear waters, could be the best of the summer.

Bramant Cove

The famous cove knew like “The Cove of the Lovers”, it’s found in Llançà, and its seem like a big bath in the middle of the nature. Situate next to the sea, makes it a quiet cove and ideal for the most adventurous people. The views that its offer are so beauty like the place, because in that site you could appreciate the village Llançà, La Selva port and the Cap de Creus. It’s important to know that if you want to access to this magic site, you can arrive with a small boat or kayak or if you are so adventurous you can arrive walking with a correct foot wear.

Grill Jump

If you are one of those who like to jump, you can not miss one of the most famous jumps in Ripollès. The route that you need to follow for arrive there is not so difficult in spite of there are sections of elevation and rise. The route, it’s usually well signposted and can be done perfectly with your family. A great place to enjoy well accompanied.

Gorgues de Salenys

Ideal for the most adventurous. It is located in the Gavarres massif and are some pools with via ferrata. With this way you can enjoy a day with adventures and at the same time you can enjoy the beauty of the same place. The good thing about this place is to be enveloped by the nature that composes it.

This are some natural pools more recognise in the Costa Brava, but fortunately there are more that receive a lot of visitants every year. If you like meet magic and nature sites, the summer is the best period of the year to do it, because the weather accompanies us and invites us to bathe in these beautiful natural pools. Enjoy your vacation discovering these wonderful sites will make them a unique and unforgettable vacation.

Also exist a hiking along Costa Brava’s coastal path, which you can not miss.